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By joining us you will benefit from a great knowledge of where to get spares and help within our members, together with a great bunch of members to share your Tilly interests with. 


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To join us – or to renew your Tilly Register membership and receive the quarterly magazine, Tilly Text, please write to or email John Simpson for ALL subscription renewals (or enquiries). 

Tilly Text can either be supplied as a magazine or electronically as a PDF. Please state your preference.


Normal membership is now £12 Sterling plus four A5-sized self-addressed envelopes per annum for those in the UK. Please use ‘LARGE’ stamps when posting your four SAE’s. 

It is also £12 Sterling for those who only receive the PDF version, no matter where you are in the world.


For European and overseas members who would like the magazine, membership is now 35 Euros per annum which includes post and packing. Please don’t forget to give us your postal address !

Unfortunately, we can only accept British Sterling cheques or cash (Sterling or Euros only please). 

ALL cheques MUST be made payable to Lympne Aero Classic – NOT to The Tilly Register.


If you are outside Europe and have a PayPal account, you can use the following email address to send the membership fee – johnsimpson43@btinternet.com. When using PayPal, please use the 'I'm sending money to family and friends' button under the PERSONAL tab, otherwise PayPal will charge the Tilly Register a fee! This fee will be charged back to you.

However, cash is always the preferred choice!